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Jazz@Rochester is "going mobile" ... We have a site for your smart phone or iPhone

mobile Jazz@RochesterMy iPhone is becoming an increasingly important tool in my work and play and as technology marches on and an increasing number of you may want to access Jazz@Rochester on your smart phone, iPhone or cell.  Working with the site Mofuse, I've created a mobile version of the blog (both for regular smart phones and iPhones) to make it easier to get to the content.  You'll still have to go to the regular address to get to the links.

So get on your cell and go to http://jazzrochester.mofuse.mobi to check it out.  You can also navigate your smartphone to the site at its regular address and then click on the link in the right panel to be taken to the mobile version of Jazz@Rochester (there is a separate, optimized iPhone version as well which will automatically be served). Can't set it up right now to automatically detect and serve up the mobile site if you are accessing it from a phone.

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