Another Friday in Kansas, but that doesn't mean you can't Take Five.
Get out to hear some jazz over the next seven days in Rochester

As if I didn't have enough ways to annoy you, Jazz@Rochester is on Twitter too ....

Twitter logoYou may have noticed I've installed a funky little widget in the left panel, which will be calling attention (like this post) to the fact that Jazz@Rochester is on Twitter (and we have been for quite awhile). Although some of the "tweets" will be familiar sounding (they are links to my posts from this blog), I have found a growing jazz community on Twitter—artists, listeners, and people in the music industry—and hope to tap into it as a way to share some of the great conversations about jazz music and musicians going on out there.

You may see me change widgets occasionally as I try them on for size. Watch soon for some other uses for Twitter I'm cooking ....

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