Jazz (other than XRIJF) over the next seven days ...
Ring, Ring ... Jazz@Rochester calling in from the 2009 XRIJF

Jazz@Rochester and the XRIJF ... Here we go!

XRIJF logoTomorrow, the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival will begin, for me, nine straight days of music, late nights, malty beverages and street meat tomorrow.  I'm planning on having a good time and, while doing that, will try to share with you information and experiences.  I'm going to try different approaches, though.  For one, I will be doing a lot more with Twitter as it will allow me to do on the spot stuff without having a laptop with me. I encourage you to join (or at least check out the conversation on Twitter by checking out my TweetFest page by clicking here or on the badge with the bird in the right panel and, if you're on Twitter, using the #XRIJF hashtag. I will also be trying to do some moblogging—on the spot interviews or audio posts posted directly to Jazz@Rochester—to give you my live impressions, new information about the jazz festival, changes that occur, etc. 

What I will not be doing is writing a lot of long posts recapping each night as I have done in past. I have a day job and will have to work at it throughout the whole nine days of XRIJF. I'm going to focus on having fun, hanging with my friends and, most importantly, hearing as much music as I can without jeopardizing my well-being. While I'm doing that, I'll see if I can push the conversation using Twitter and other new tools.

Right now, I'm going to turn off, tune out and get some rest ....

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