Tweety notes from Day 2 of the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival
XRIJF ends its first weekend ... Day 3 of the jazz festival in Rochester

I'm not writing as much, but I can point ... Here's more coverage of Day 2 of the XRIJF

XRIJF imageWhile I'm writing less this year, due to the participation of Xerox and the work of the jazz festival staff, the mainstream media in Rochester has really stepped up their coverage of the Rochester International Jazz Festival this year. Starting with the press conference in April there has been a lot more local media interest in the festival over previous years. Additionally, in the interim the media are also using blogs, Twitter and other social media tools to get their content out among us.  Additionally, there are probably a lot of coverage in other media outlets, blogs and other media. I'll try to help connect you to the reviews and commentary from this spectrum of sources.  Here are some links about Day Two of the festival from local media:

For now, I've only found one blog post on Day 2, but there may be more that pop up and I'll try to add them here:

  • Into The Light Filled Void, Pop Wars (here's the post for Day One from Pop Wars), from the folks who bring you a great local site The Refrigerator, which also will have some great images from this and previous years' RIJFs as well).
  • A video of trumpeter Terrell Stafford playing with festival honcho and saxophonist John Nugent at the XRIJF afterhours. Added image
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