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Live jazz in and around Rochester? Sure there is ....

Can't play a horn, so I'll just have toot Jazz@Rochester's ... One of the top 25 jazz blogs?

During the XRIJF, e-commerce firm Invesp Consulting sent me an email to let me know that Jazz@Rochester was in the top 25 blogs in the jazz category on their blogRank rankings. Right now as of this writing I'm at 20th out of 25; during XRIJF I was at No. 17 on the jazz blog hit parade.

BlogRank uses over twenty different factors to rank the blogs, including: RSS membership (in which Jazz@Rochester ranks third, that's right #3 at the time this was written), incoming links, Compete, Alexa,and Technorati rankings, and on social sites like Digg, Technorati. I let it sit a bit as I knew my traffic numbers are always skewed during the festival and, just as I thought, a week after the end of the jazz festival, Jazz@Rochester fell to #20 from #17 in their "Ultimate Rank" for jazz, which combines the factors. But it is staying there, so I finally felt it was time to let you all know. I'm pretty proud that my little thing here in Rochester has me in the company of some heavy hitters of the jazz blogosphere like JazzWax, Rifftides, and some other jazz blogs well known to me (and Wynton's site...geez). Cool.

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That's awesome. Congrats.

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