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Take Five jazz links ... randomly yours

TakeFiveFriday logoIt's Friday and I have five more jazz links to check out.

  • The jazz education and history site A Passion for Jazz has a set of 20 tips for jazz musicians, such as #1 "Everyone should play the same tune."
  • The primary function of is to share jazz discographies created with the "Brian" application (which can be downloaded off the site, although it appears a bit of a Web 1.0 app, it probably does the trick).
  • JazzCares was born after 9/11 to provide a means for musicians to help other musicians while helping themselves. Musicians or creators of jazz related merchandise decide how much they want to allocate to the organizations the Jazz Foundation of America and keep the rest, except for a small credit card processing fee. The site then puts the merchandise on the site.
  • Edmar Casteneda plays a traditional Columbian harp but at a young age found jazz and has been mashing together the traditional music of his country with the jazz he came to love. NPR has an interview with Castaneda along with some of his music, including a link to a concert by the Edmar Castaneda Trio with Joe Locke at the Tanglewood Jazz Festival. I was hoping I'd get a chance to listen to him live at RIJF this year, but I'll have to settle for these for now. Hat tip to Tom Marcello for learning about his project with Joe and getting me interested.
  • I was checking out The Gig, a blog by jazz writer Nate Chinen, and found this thoughtful post that by posing the question of a John Scofield edition of the popular game Guitar Hero, how it and other games like it are becoming yet another manner of distrbuting music, and then riffing on the implications on the state of jazz today.

So take five and explore. Let me know what you think in the comments ....There will be five more next week.

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I hope the RIJF brings Edmar to the festival, with or without Joe!
By the way, Noal Cohen has a discography at
of Joe Locke and many others.
There are also some interesting photos and other information about the history of jazz in Rochester at his site also.

Keep up the good work, Greg!

Tom Marcello

Thanks, Tom. Noal was one of the first I linked to on this site years and we've exchanged an email or two. But I hadn't seen that he was using the BRIAN application to do the JL discography and others. Will have to explore....


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