Jazz Around Town: It may be getting colder, but the hot jazz out there will keep you warm...
Jazz Around Town: Scaring up some music for you over the next seven days...

Jazz in the short term ... some special gigs coming up soon

Just a quick note to give you a heads up now on some special stuff that will be coming up soon after I post the listings tomorrow night.

On Thursday, Bop Arts will present drummer Harris Eisenstadt's latest project, Canada Day at the Bop Shop Atrium at 8:00 pm. Eisenstadt has a lot you can check out to learn more about him and his music:

"Jazz Day" at SUNY Brockport with The Dave Rivello Ensemble and Symposium “It Starts with a Note: Composing and Arranging for a Contemporary Big Band,” and concert at Tower Fine Arts Center Mainstage, on Friday. Symposium starts at 9:30 am and the concert at 7:30 pm. More information at the SUNY Brockport website and on Facebook or call (585) 395-ARTS.

Of course, there will be lots more on Thursday and Friday, so check out the listings post tomorrow.

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