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Jazz Around Town: Snow may blow soon, but there are others blowing around Rochester

Bringing the jazz on the interwebs...Try it out

AccuJazz.com -- Click here to listenFor me, listening to jazz is always about discovery. Once you get past relying on only the names everyone knows—Coltrane, Miles, Armstrong, and on and on—and are exposed to the great jazz music being played and recorded all over the country and world, it's easy to let someone else put together some selections. That's why we always listened to radio in the past. As there are only a couple of radio stations featuring jazz in these parts (Jazz 90.1 and WJZR), one place we can turn to the Internet for our fix of new sounds. A place I am turning to more often is AccuJazz.com.

Coming out of my old home town of Chicago, Accujazz has taken its initial focus on a channel of mainstream and contemporary jazz into more than fifty streams that focus on different genres of jazz, instruments, composers and eras. The programming of music is eclectic, ranging across the universe of jazz. I've been following Accujazz on Twitter and seeing the way they respond to the community of listeners they are building on the web, releasing new stations with new ways of hearing jazz music (a recent release was a station that features only Beatles covers). Unlike Pandora and its music genome (which also is a great place to discover new music), the stations at AccuJazz are programmed by real jazz people.

For me listening to these Internet radio stations is sort of like John Nugent's tag line for the Xerox Rochester Jazz Festival, "it's not who you know, it's who you don't know" ... yet.  As anyone who lives here learns, there is a lot of fine musical talent out there. Find some more music to add to your list. Let us know what your favorite station is in the comments.

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