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Two new venues and music series announced for the 2010 Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival

XRIJF logo The producers of the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival announced Friday that two new venues are being added for the Festival’s Ninth Edition in 2010, running June 11-19, bringing the total number of Club Pass venues to eleven and allowing them to present 180 Club Pass shows. The new venues, both within walking distance of other Club Pass venues, are:

  • The Abilene Bar and Lounge at 153 Liberty Pole Way. Abilene will host the Roots and Americana Series, featuring artists performing roots and American music. The series at Abilene will be held Friday, June 11th through Saturday, June 19, 2010, with two concerts nightly at 7:45 p.m. and 9:45 p.m. Shows will be held in a tent adjacent to the building that has capacity for 400 people. Abilene is situated close to two other festival Club Pass venues, the Lutheran Church of the Reformation, home to the festival’s Nordic Jazz Now Series and the Harro East Ballroom is located just across the street from Abilene’s door. Entry to the Abilene sets will be by Club Pass or individual tickets that can be purchased at the door.
  • The Rochester Club Ballroom at 120 East Avenue. The Ballroom will host a Viva Italia Series, featuring native Italian and Italian-American artists. The series at the Rochester Club Ballroom will be held Sunday, June 13th through Friday, June 17th, with shows at 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. for a total of 12 concerts. The Rochester Club Ballroom has a capacity of 220 people and is located at 120 East Avenue between Gibbs Street and Swan Street near the XRIJF box office. Entry will be by Club Pass or individual tickets.

These are good additions to the line-up, both in location and to bring additional venues online to serve the growing attendance (and apparent growing popularity of the Club Pass). Since opening in 2008, Abilene has become one of the top places to hear live music in the city, especially for Americana and roots music (it's one of my favorites ... yes, I listen to something other than jazz). Owner Danny Deutsch is already planning for the festival and will likely put together a great lineup. Charyleah Cordone, owner of the Rochester Club Ballroom, notes that they are "working with the chef to develop new and unique menu offerings especially for festival-goers."

The artist lineup for the overall Club Pass series will be announced in spring 2010. Club Passes on already on sale, right now at a special holiday price of $115 (plus a $4 service charge), which is a savings of $35 off the regular price. This advance discount price is good until midnight EST January 1, 2010, when it increases to $135 (plus the $4 service charge until 10 AM EST Friday April 2, 2010, when the price increases to $150 plus $4 service charge until sold out. Club Passes may be purchased online at the XRIJF website or through Ticketmaster.

  • Jeff Spevak's article in the D&C.
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