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Riffing the Jazz Links: Numero Uno

Riffing The Links imageSome of you may remember that awhile back I had a Take Five Friday posts (like this one), where I'd share some random jazz links that I'd found in my meanderings on the Interwebs. After doing those for some time, I realized that I didn't want to nail myself down every Friday (while there are lots of links to share, I just don't always have Fridays to share and I'd cornered myself into it by using Friday in the graphic). OK, this one is on Friday, but they don't have to be now. So, here we are with a different, less constricting graphic (that Wordle is so useful) and a new set of links:

  • Jazz Is Dead. Long Live Jazz. An article from mid-December in Newsweek, trying to separate out the question of "is jazz popular" from "is jazz good" and surveying the landscape of jazz. What do you think?
  • Notes on Jazz is a blog by jazz journalist Ralph A. Miriello, that he is using as a forum for discussion of jazz music, musicians, reviews of recent and historical releases, reviews of live performances, interviews and almost anything else he finds of interest.
  • Wolfgang's Vault has some great historical live recordings of a number of music events, including  1959 recording of the Horace Silver Quintet Newport Jazz Festival. You can stream them for free or, for a price, download high quality MP3 or FLAC files.
  • Some of my good friends are working musicians and there is a great website out there MusiciansWages.com that has a lot of resources for you guys and gals who are trying to make a living out there, including forums and several blogs.
  • And one more for the jazz musicians out there, Wikifonia.org bills itself as the place for musicians to publish and collaborate on lead sheets.
  • Jazz pianist, Vijay Iyer, who is on just about everyone's Best of 2009 list with his great album Historicity, has written a a thoughtful piece for JazzTimes, Thelonious Monk: Ode To A Sphere. Bone up a bit before heading out to see Monk, the Play at Exodus to Jazz later this month.
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