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Bop Arts brings the "puckish and virtuosic" Konk Pack to Rochester tomorrow

Konk Pack LiveTomorrow Tom Kohn and Bop Arts was finally been able to bring one of the great European trios creating electronic/acoustic improvisational soundscapes to Rochester when Konk Pack, featuring Tim Hodgkinson, Thomas Lehn, and Roger Turner come to town for a performance at the Village Gate Atrium. Kohn has wanted to bring this band to share their unique music with you for quite awhile and finally got his chance this year. After their April 3rd show in Houston, Texas, a writer for Artshound.com described the trio thusly:

The British/German trio Konk Pack handles a gritty, writhing mass of electroacoustic sound/noise with the rare finesse and skill that one would expect from veterans of the European improv scene. Puckish and virtuosic, Konk Pack has created a music that is as detailed as it is massive. It is potent, thrilling, and completely unpredictable.

Tom notes that Konk Pack's "unique blend of acoustic and electronic instruments that should be a unique aural assault as it ricochets around the Atrium." While it will be challenging for some, it sounds like some fun and I'm always up a challenge (and diving for protection from those ricochets). Hope to see some of you there.

Bop Arts presents Konk Pack, Monday April 12, 2010 at 8:00 pm in the Bop Shop Atrium in the Village Gate, 274 N Goodman St, Rochester, NY. A $10 donation requested. For more on the group, check out the rest of the Houston writeup and the links in the Artshound post. There's also some video of a 2007 performance in Minneapolis available (warning, it is pretty lofi).

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