Day 4 begins in Havana, but reroutes
So much music, so little time ...

Day 4 a wrap ... I'm spent after Trombone Shorty

The first set tonight for Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue just proved what I had already figured out from my "research"--that this amazing musician and showman would nearly tear the Big Tent at the Rochester International Jazz Festival down.

Capacity crowd; no need for tables as nearly everyone was on their feet soon after he started funking up the house. Playing both the bone and trumpet (and singing), it's going to hard to get for the 10pm show. Don't know what they're going to do tomorrow at Harro ...

I'm heading home soon to catch some z's before work and then it starts all over again. As John Nugent told me tonight, the rest of the week is sort of a tsunami, building momentum... May have something there...,

Day 4 a wrap ... I'm spent after Trombone Shorty

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No question that TS rocked the Big Tent. I wonder what kind of venues he usually plays?

High energy, loud, raucous, talented. My only question is: where does the "Shorty" part of Trombone Shorty come from?

Well, based on your opinion, I'd love to see Trombone Shorty; just don't know if I can make it happen. I want to see Russell Malone at 6:00 tonight, and there will be a line for that. Can't be at the 5:30 Shorty show and in that line at the same time! Maybe I can see him on Wednesday at 5:30 before Joe plays the 6:00 Club Pass Tent show.

Okay, now, Stanley Jordan - what a treasure! I'd say, for the first time ever, my Club Pass has pretty much paid for itself by the end of Day 4 - even though I've had some time constraints. Catherine Russell, Michael Kaeshammer, Charnett Moffett and Stanley Jordan - great, great stuff! I'm so happy. And it's only the beginning of Day 5!

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