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Jazz Around Town: What's going on in jazz in Rochester....

Riffing the Links: Some jazz links for your (hopefully) labor(less) day

Riffing The Links imageBringing you some links to break the monotony of past months...listings, listings, listings (and so on....). Given what else has happened in my life recently, I hope you understand. Here's some links I've run across recently (and not so recently...) for you to check out

  • Those of you who know me know I like a good malt beverage from time to time. I'm also quite partial to Miles Davis and like some of his later forays like Bitches Brew. The folks over at National Public Radio's A Blog Supreme recently posted on their tasting of the brewery Dogfish Head's limited edition Bitches Brew Ale, a celebration of the 40th anniversary of that heady exercise in jazz improvisation. Can't wait to get a bottle or two to try it out....
  • For those of you who, like me, enjoyed bassist Charnett Moffett's appearance at XRIJF 2010, my friend Donna over at the blog Elements of Jazz shared a video in July of the making of Moffett's new album Treasure. Donna's blog and Twitter stream have been a great addition to the jazz "social media" scene.
  • Those who play jazz say the darndest things.... and the Jazz Quotations blog is a great place to tap into their thoughts as expressed in interviews and other writings. Check out Rochester's Paul Smoker here from the Jazz Is Dead category from an interview in City in June. I've added Jazz Quotations to my links so you can explore this rich treasure trove on your own.
  • Another big draw at past RIJFs has been Bill Frisell. Here is an interview with the eclectic guitarist at BigThink.com including his thoughts on a music career inspired by the Mouseketeers, articulating ideas with music, a crash course in jazz, and why music education shouldn't be limited to the conservatory.

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