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ETJ makes Rochester one of Tamir Hendelman Trio's "Destinations"

In his recent profile of the Tamir Hendelman Trio in City for his upcoming January 9th concert in the Exodus to Jazz series, a stop on his tour for his new CD Destinations on Resonance Records, Ron Netsky described a moment a Barbra Streisand set at the Village Vanguard in 2009, when:

[T]he attention shifted from the diva to her pianist. In a brief solo toward the end of "Some Other Time" Tamir Hendelman played a run so complicated and so beautiful that Streisand turned to the audience and, with her hands and the look on her face, asked: is this guy ridiculous or what?

That "ridiculous" pianist was Hendelman. You can see that happen (and why) in the YouTube clip Netsky mentions:

Hendelman is typical of the caliber of artist that Exodus to Jazz brings to Rochester. While he is not a household word, in jazz circles he is known as one of the best (just ask Tom Hampson, who on his radio program "Mostly Jazz" on WXXI played a number of cuts and nearly gushed in his adoration of Mr. Hendelman's playing....). A member of the acclaimed Jeff Hamilton Trio and Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra (both for over 10 years), Hendelman has also recorded with Streisand, Diana Krall, Gladys Knight and John Pizzarelli. He is the pianist/arranger on Jackie Ryan's You and the Night and the Music and Janis Mann's A Perfect Time. He is featured on Natalie Cole’s Grammy-winning CD Still Unforgettable and Barbara Streisand’s CDs Love Is The Answer and One Night Only. Tamir’s 2008 debut CD Playground and last year's Destinations have both been critically acclaimed and reached #3 and #2 on the US Jazzweek charts. Hendelman will be coming to Rochester with German bassist Martin Wind and Tim Horner on drums. There are videos of Tamir Hendelman swinging with a trio last summer in California here and talking about making Destinations here.

This will be the first concert of the Winter/Spring season for Rochester's Exodus To Jazz series (more concerts in the series can be found on ETJ's site here and the first in ETJ's new venue the Reformation Lutheran Church on 111 Chestnut St. in Downtown Rochester, a venue that many love for the great sounds you've heard there during the Nordic Jazz Now series featured there during recent Rochester International Jazz Festivals.

Tamir Hendelman will be here on Sunday, January 9, 2011. The concert starts at 6:00 pm. Doors open at 4:00 to accommodate the pre-concert buffet for reserved ticket holders that begins at 5:00 pm. There  will be two one-hour sets. Reserved Table tickets are for seats at small rounds seating 4 to 5 people; price includes pre-concert buffet beginning at 5:00PM. Reserved Theater tickets are for preferred seats in reserved section available on a "first come, first seated" basis. They are on sale at all Wegmans stores and online at BrownPaperTickets.com. You can get more information from the new Exodus to Jazz website and blog.

Full Disclosure: Jazz@Rochester is now a sponsor Exodus to Jazz and I've been helping Jose DaCosta, ETJ's main man and a friend. Why? The main reason is that while there are a number of great musicians playing jazz in Rochester almost any night of the week, Jose is with ETJ one of the few trying to bring top flight jazz artists from elsewhere into town to share their music live with us. If there is anything that Jazz@Rochester is about, it's supporting live jazz in Rochester. Live is the best way to hear this music. Each concert or club appearance is a unique musical experience&emdash;it will only happen on that one night. I hope you come out and join us for the one that will happen next Sunday!

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