Jazz Around Town: ROC the Day and then Jazz the Week
Matt Wilson's Christmas Tree-O jingling all the way to Lovin Cup on December 15th

Don't worry, time isn't going backwards...

RSS iconA reader just alerted me that some or all of my subscribers may have received the post from December 1st in their inboxes, allowing you to review Rochester jazz past.  In fact, so did I (I am a subscriber to catch these types of things, but hadn't seen it until this morning after reading the email from a reader).  Sorry about the apparent glitch with Feedburner, which handles the email distibution for those who subscribe to this blog that way. A glitch apparently caused it to resend a post that should have been sent out to all of you December 1st just after 1:00 am.  

I do want to know, however, if part of this glitch resulted in any of my email subscribers not receiving the post at all on December 1st, so either comment to this post or send me an email if that happened to you.  


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