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Come out to Fairport for a "pre-" jazz fest during Canal Days, June 6-8

The dynamic Rachelle Ferrell comes to Exodus to Jazz on June 6th

image from rachelleferrell.comOn Friday, June 6th at 8:00 pm, Exodus to Jazz is bringing Rachelle Ferrell to Hochstein Performance Hall in Rochester for what should be an amazing musical experience. I've never had the opportunity to see her live (just watched a full concert out of LA on YouTube once), but everyone I know who has says that Ferrell in a live performance has confirmed that it will be. Ferrell is a dynamic singer with a potent combination of range, phrasing, and musicianship. I'll let the video below of Ferrell singing My Funny Valentine provide more evidence supporting that statement... 

Ferrell will be performing in the beautiful and intimate Hochstein Performance Hall, with one 90-minute performance without intermission. Local organ trio Paradigm Shift will be doing a short "welcome" performance at 7:15 pm. 

You can buy tickets for the Rachelle Ferrell concert through and visit Exodus to Jazz's site for more. Here's the video:


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