Live jazz from now until right up to when the fat man comes (Jazz in ROC, December 17-24)
There is some jazz around ROC even during the holidays!

Time to riff on some links... the Holidays edition

Riffing The Links imageI'm always on the prowl for new ways to connect and provide you with jazz-related links that I've either come across or have been made hip to recently ...

I'm always finding new jazz links to put out there for you. They won't always get into these posts, but I'll usually share them on the Jazz@Rochester Twitter or the Facebook pages. If you have a jazz link to share here with the Rochester jazz community and beyond, send us an email by clicking on the Contact Us button below the banner

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Rochester Music Coalition: Keep getting 500 internal server message after logging in. No luck after trying to connect to webmaster and others. Anybody having similar issues?

Which link are you getting an error on, Dan?

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