We're feeling better now ... (that there's more) (Jazz in ROC, February 5-11, 2015)
Really freakin cold and snowy outside, some hot jazz inside (Live jazz in ROC, February 12-18, 2015)

The Mike Kaupa video hour (well minutes...)

Trumpeter Mike Kaupa recently threw a couple of YouTube videos over Jazz@Rochester's virtual threshold. First up is one with the Institute for Creative Music as Mike shows his chops in the DIY community:


Next up is a questionable clip advertising a "Failed Middle Aged Jazz Musician" doll... (wait for it ... had to leave the first part in to give you the full flavor):



While I'll choose the music video I post here, I'm not adverse to you throwing an interesting jazz video my way.  Just check in the Sound & VIsion category to make sure I haven't already published a link.

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