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I would like to be responsive in more ways than one....

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Quick note to let you all know that I will be working on redesigning the site to use a more of a responsive design so that it will display better in all manner of screens from big ass monitors to iPhones and Androids (not quite ready for the Apple Watch...). I have been using a separate service for my mobile readers for quite a while and will keep that until I'm happy with how mobile display is working.

As I move things around and try out different design elements, 2 vs. 3 columns, font sizes, etc., I would love it if you would provide feedback on how you're seeing it out there. Just click on the Contact Us button (or link or, whatever it ends up being as I redesign, it should be up top) to send me an email. Wish me luck as these things never go without a hitch! 

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