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Check out the Clarissa Street Reunion this Saturday ... great music for this 20th Anniversary celebration of a community!

The Clarissa Street Reunion's marking its 20th Anniversary this Saturday, August 15th. Their mission is to "organize, operate, and maintain a program designated to recognize, celebrate, and perpetuate the multicultural diversity and heritage of Clarissa Street" in in the Corn Hill area of Rochester.

This year Clarissa Street Reunion has a great lineup of music, including jazz, R&B, gospel and youth stages. Of course, we're going to focus on the jazz here, but there's lots of great music. Here's the lineup at the Jazz Stage at Clarissa and Troup Street:

With this lineup there's going to be some major B3 action going on Saturday! Hope to see you there. If I can swing it I may have a table or something near the jazz stage to meet you and sign you up for the Jazz@Rochester mailing list. Look for the Jazz@Rochester banner....

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