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Diagramming jazz ... a poster for Jazz Appreciation Month

I was recently contacted by LA graphic designer Gage Nguyen who has designed the Evolution of Jazz infographic poster below for Jazz Appreciation Month (that's April if you weren't already aware) and is using Kickstarter to fund its production and distribution.  I like these infographic images and, in the spirit of Jazz Appreciation Month I thought I'd share with my readers.  Now, I realize that one may disagree on where individual artists are placed in the diagram, wish that it went past 1970 (jazz did ...), or believe that jazz has not "evolved" at all from its beginnings (or somewhere else along the timeline). You can put a big red arrow on your copy on where your listening preferences reside... 

If you'd like to either a 18x24" and 24x36" poster of this (or some stickers with the Armstrong quote), then head on over to Gage's Evolution of Jazz Poster page on Kickstarter and help make it a reality. 



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