Changes are a'comin to Jazz@Rochester, but there will still be ... live jazz music in Rochester, NY, September 1-7
So whaddaya think? Despite all the changes we're still bringing you ... live jazz in Rochester, September 8-14

JazzRochester is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with a reboot....

Hard to believe that I started blogging on this URL during the month of September ten years ago (I write "on this URL" because I had been blogging at a different site that no longer exists—Blogsome—from April of 2005, so in reality, I've been doing this for well more than ten years...).  I thought I'd celebrate the 10 year anniversary of this blog by changing the site up a bit. A bit of a reboot or makeover. So what has changed? Here are a few highlights:

  • While I'm keeping the color scheme I've had for the past 10 years, I'm giving the logo and banner a makeover, making it a bit easier to use in other contexts and platforms. You'll see this change incorporated into the other platforms where JazzRochester is found soon. 
  • I am dropping the "@" from Jazz@Rochester.  Thought it was "cute" when I started, but forgot that it could interfere with using the name as a brand on other platforms like Twitter. 
  • I have made the site "responsive."  Awhile back Google made it clear that it would devalue sites that did not have a mobile presence. While Jazz@Rochester had a mobile site, it was through a 3d party and less accessible and than I'd like and didn't really accommodate later changes to posts (which happens sometimes with the listings).  These days the best way to accommodate the types and sizes of screens out there is through using responsive web design, which is is an approach to web design and coding that lets a webpage viewable regardless of the screen size of the device you're viewing it on.  The design of the page should now adapt whether you're looking on your desktop monitor, iPad or other tablet, or smartphone. 
  • I'm moving links to other pages and platforms on which JazzRochester operates to the top ribbon. In mobile, you'll find the same in the menu behind the horizontal lines you'll see on your smartphone.
  • I'm removing the advertisements. While the Google ads did bring in a tiny trickle of $ (I get a $100 from Google, which is the lowest before a check is cut, around every other year), it's not enough to keep using the best real estate in the blog.  
  • I hope that this reboot will also include an expansion in the amount and types of content published on the blog. More on that later as try them out (and, frankly, after I return to Rochester from helping to take care of my father in Kansas). 

As this reboot may help JazzRochester be even more accessible to more people, I'm hoping the makeover will help more Rochesterians, and those visiting the Rochester area, find live jazz in and around our fair city. I also hope that it can become more of a hub for building a community around live jazz in Rochester.

I expect there will be some hiccups along the way as I implement this reboot.  Please let me know if it creates any issues with the way the blog is working for you (happy to hear good things too...). Just click on the Contact Us link in the top ribbon to let me know. Make sure you let me know what device and browser you're using to access the site.

The images below are from early archived pages from both versions that I found on the nifty site The Wayback Machine to show you how the blog has looked over the years.


Wayback_April2005 JazzRochester in October 2006
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