Oh what a night... of music at Day 2 of the XRIJF
Was wowed, got Mooged by a Finn and heard some of that sweet home Chicago at Day 5 of XRIJF

So far the draft plan has held ... Day 3 at the XRIJF

IMG_6175This one is going to be short.  I may start sounding like a broken record. Again on Day 3 at the XRIJF  I hit all my draft plan for the night. Started out in Kilbourn Hall with Bill Frisell and Thomas Morgan.  Frisell was his usual palette of sounds pulled out of his guitar, relaxed and somewhat free at times.  Thomas Morgan was a monster on the bass, moving up and down the fretboard, but especially in the high register of the instrument. They were completely in sync. It was the mesmerizing music that had been promised.

Moved on to the Jochen Rueckert Quartet Lutheran Church. This group of NYC cats were great although they played a more relaxed set than I expected after listening to some of their music online. Playing mostly the music of Rueckert, the band was excellent all around if not especially Nordic (only Lage has a connection, Rueckert is German), but even he has been in the States for quite a while. 

After a brief respite for some Marty's Frisket and some time at the "office," I finished the night in the Wilder Room with Holophonor. This band is made up of members of a class of the Thelonious Monk Institute from about 5 years ago, one of whom was Rochester native and Eastman grad trumpeter, Mike Cottone.  The members of the band lived and played together for the two years they were at the Institute.  As Mike said, somehow they managed to stay friends, too.  The years playing at the Institute and since have created a very tight sound as they played compositions of the band's members. Glad I finally had a chance to catch them playing here. 


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