A “draft” plan for 2017’s XRIJF … Oh the music I’ll hear!
A variety of great music on the first night of XRIJF

Where do I find JazzRochester during the XRIJF?

Image by Studio Michaelino, http://www.studiomichaelino.com/As I pointed out in a post in early June, during the 2017 XRIJF I intend to focus as I have in more recent years on hearing the music, sharing the great coverage that others are doing and trying to make connections between the artists and festival goers. I’m also going to focus on doing what I can during the XRIJF to raise awareness of JazzRochester and what it does throughout the other 356 days of the year to get people out to hear the great live jazz in and around Rochester.  Where? 

  • Here on the JazzRochester blog, of course.  However, as I'm focused on hearing music and not on writing during the festival, my posting here may be limited.  You know where I'm heading (or at least the "draft" plan).  I'm not sure where I'll end up, but I may write some posts highlighting what I've heard. If you see me on Jazz Street or elsewhere at the XRIJF, introduce yourself and, if you wish, I'll sign you up to receive JazzRochester's posts throughout the year in your email.
  • JazzRochester on Twitter: I hope to use Twitter to share posts from other media and folks attending the festival, plus the posts of musicians playing the festival.  If you're playing XRIJF, don't forget to mention @jazzrochester and let me know so I can add you to a list of XRIJF artists I'm building during the festival.  
  • JazzRochester on Facebook: I'll be sharing here as well.  Please like the Page!
  • JazzRochester on Instagram: I'll share images from the festival here (you can also check them out in right panel of the blog if you're not on Instagram).

Hope to see you on Jazz Street or at one of the Club Pass venues! Enjoy XRIJF 2017!

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