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Exodus to Jazz press release on the change in venue


In case you aren't on the Exodus to Jazz mailing list, I thought I'd share their press release on their recent decision to change the venue for upcoming Exodus to Jazz shows from The Penthouse at One East Avenue to Anthology.  Here's the release:

Hello Friends of ETJ,

Exodus To Jazz is pleased about relocating to Anthology; this exciting venue offers considerable flexibility in terms of the groups being considered for concerts following Saturday's Cabo Frio Tribute to "Earth, Wind & Fire" and "Anita Baker".

In addition to the Cabo Frio concert, several groups soon to be announced typically draw audiences larger then The Penthouse can comfortably accommodate without requiring audience "turnover" during intermission. This "turnover" would have compromised the interactions between patrons, musicians and the Friends of ETJ volunteers that are highly valued by everyone.

In addition featuring vocalist Becca Feder on several tunes, the Cabo Frio concert will open with vocalist and ukulele player Cammy Enaharo. We plan to present Rochester's amazing locally-based talent as opening performers for all future concerts.

Thank You for the positive feedback you have given us. The Friends of ETJ volunteers and I look forward to welcoming you to Exodus To Jazz at Anthology. Click if you still need to purchase your tickets; if tickets remain available, they can be purchased at the Anthology box office when the doors open at 6 pm Saturday.

If you have any questions, send a text message to (585) 733-7685 or an email to

Keep Swinging!

Watch the upcoming events and listings posts for upcoming Exodus to Jazz concerts!

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