XRIJF Night 3: Another great night of music!
There is still more jazz in June (and July) than XRIJF... Live jazz in ROC outside of the festival, June 28th to July 4th

XRIJF Day 4: Where were you, JazzRochester?

Joe LockeAs I noted in yesterday's post, I was not feeling well yesterday (a bit too much XRIJF in Days 1-3, perhaps?) and sat last night out entirely.  I did listen to Zara McFarlane's latest album (it's a great album, check it out...), but finished the night off with the last episode of Westworld, instead.  Feeling much better today, so will be at the "office" after picking up a wristband for the first show.  

This post will be short and sweet as I'm just going to mention the artists I hope to hear tonight:

  • I always try to see Rochester's own Joe Locke when he comes to town, so will start out in Kilbourn Hall.  He always brings something different and always brings a top-knotch band (I expect Geoffrey Keezer will be involved tonight?)
  • I'm thinking that my next stop will be Partikel Band at the Made in the UK series in Christ Church. 
  • I love Tom Waits' music so will end the night in Montage Music Hall with VickiKristinaBarcelona Sings the Music of Tom Waits.

What else I'd like to hear?  There's Lucia Cadotsch "Speak Low" at Lutheran Church, House of Waters, and this guy I saw in one of those big Fort Worth bars (the kind with a live bull riding ring in the bar), Junior Brown at Squeezers at Anthology ... he is always a lot of fun.

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