From "weapons of mass percussion" to a trio of trios, the 4th night of the RIJF brought the goods
Find some live jazz around Rochester during the last three days of RIJF and beyond .... June 27th through July 3rd

Perchance to sleep? Not until I finished the 5th night of the Rochester International Jazz Festival

And on the fifth day, JazzRochester’s publisher rested (only a little, maybe an extra hour of sleep). But before going home, there was some music to be had—with a bit of an adjustment to accommodate that sleep and a stop at the “office” chatting with some of the musicians from the last couple of nights at the Made in the UK Jazz series. On the 5th night of the Rochester International Jazz Festival, here’s where my ears were to be found:

  • Ozmosys Band (Temple Building Theatre): A new band formed by the legendary drummer Omar Hakim with Rachel Z, bassist Linley Marthe and guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel. As I had not had a chance to hear anything by the band beforehand, I went with my memories of a previous project of Hakim and Rachel Z (Trio of Oz).  The musicians This high energy concert was something completely different a rocking jazz fusion with a lot of pyrotechnics of Rosenwinkel, Rachel Z’s intense riffs on the organ, Marthe’s deep grooves on bass and Hakim holding down on the skins.  I’m not a major fan of jazz fusion, but as anyone who reads this blog knows, I like all kinds of music and if it’s played by consummate musicians like these four (who have a strong foundation in jazz) I put my predilections aside, open my ears, and let the music decide. The chemistry of this group was clear ... they were having fun playing and, by their reaction, so was the audience. 
  • I wandered around for a while listening to the bands on Jazz Street (and getting some grub) before heading over to Christ Church for the second set of Trish Clowes’ My Iris group.  As I wrote on Twitter last night, their set full of complexity interwoven with melody ... a bit of darkness interwoven with light ... a bit of chaos in the order ... and a B3 Hammond organ which added a new and welcome voice. Afterwards I hung out with the band at my “office” giving up a bit more sleep for a welcome opportunity to chat with these young, talented UK musicians.  




Tonight, JazzRochester’s ears will be opening up for the following:

  • Lionel Loueke & Raul Midon (Kilbourn Hall
  • Thomas Backman (Lutheran  Church)
  • Kandace Springs  (Temple Theater
  • Tamar Korn & A Kornucopia @ Montage (a little overlap, so may or may not make this one if the crowd is large or I’m ready to go home)
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