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Jazz Journalist Association announces 2021 Jazz Heroes, and much to my surprise...

image from www.jjajazzawards.orgSee anyone you know (hint, lower corner...)?  Yes, as announced yesterday by the Jazz Journalist Association, I've been honored to have been named a 2021 Jazz Hero by the JJA this year for my work over the years and during this pandemic, doing what I can with JazzRochester to keep jazz alive and try to build a community around live jazz here where I live.  Although I feel a bit of "imposter's syndrome" as there are so many people who are doing so much for the music in and around Rochester, I am proud of what I've done with JazzRochester since starting it as a blogging/writing project way back in 2005. 

You can read the way too kind JJA Jazz Hero profile by our own Derek Lucas at Jazz 90.1, who nominated me along with Ed Trefzger of JazzWeek (... thanks guys). Just look for my ugly mug and Rochester, NY and click. Now let's  get back to work to keep being worthy of this honor....  Hope to see you out at some live jazz as soon as possible in our crazy new normal!

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Congratulations ...for all your hard work over many years , you deserve it! Jazz fans throughout the area appreciate your timely listings and information.....Many thanks again!

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