Sale in aisle 22 on ... Live jazz in ROC, May 12-18
I'm hoping to see more ... Live jazz around Rochester, May 19-25

Join the Jazz Rochester "Street Team" ... the first JazzRochester "merch"

JR_Tshirt_meinTJust before the pandemic shut everything down, I had over 400 JazzRochester T-Shirts created with dreams of building a "street-team" out there during the Rochester International Jazz Festival and throughout the other 356 days of the year. Friends of the site could let others know where they could find their live jazz around Rochester.  You know the rest of the story (or have similar stories yourselves)... They've been sitting in bins in my closet ever since.  So... can I interest you in taking one or more of these things off my hands?  
Don't let my poor choice in models stop you ... Get more information on the t-shirts and maybe purchase one on the JazzRochester Merch page, which is linked to at the top of the site.  I'd really appreciate your support (and need the closet space)!


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