Support your local ... Live jazz around Rochester, December 14-20
I hope yule be boppin . . . Live jazz around Rochester, December 21-27

There are many paths you can take to JazzRochester ....

JazzRochesterPageI like to try and provide readers with as many different avenues to access what we do here on JazzRochester, so you can do you. I post never versions this post periodically as I change things around. To that end, you can get your JazzRochester in a number of ways:

  • Email. Over 875 of you get everything JazzRochester posts via email. If you want to see everything in your Inbox, click on the "Get Us In Your Inbox!" link at the top of the blog and fill out the form to get started (if you're new to the site, you may have seen a popup form as you scrolled through, too). I will not sell, spam or otherwise use the email addresses entered in there without your permission and you can unsubscribe any time.
  • Twitter. JazzRochester has been on the X formerly known as Twitter since 2006 under the handle @jazzrochester. Over 11,000 Twitter users are following us there from here and all over the world. In addition to tweets of every post published on JazzRochester, I occasionally share other information about jazz in Rochester and beyond. I follow as many local jazz artists, artists with connections to Rochester, and folks in the local jazz community as I find on X. Local Rochester artists and jazz venues should let me know their X handles so I can follow them and add them to the list. You'll also find that I follow a vibrant jazz community of artists, jazz bloggers and jazz organizations from all over the world and occasionally share interesting jazz links. You can access the feed on X by clicking on the at the top of the blog's right panel. If you're on Twitter, you can also share individual posts by clicking on the  icon at the bottom of each post.
  • Facebook. Over 1,500 people have "liked" or followed the JazzRochester page on Facebook. As with Twitter, all posts published on the blog are posted there, plus I share other jazz links and Facebook Events of local jazz musicians and bands that are shared with me. If you're on Facebook, I'd appreciate it if you'd head over to the page and "like" or follow us there, even if you're getting our content some other way. Click on the Facebook icon at the top of the right column to check it out. Share individual posts by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the post.
  • Instagram. JazzRochester is on Instagram and over 878 folks and bands follow us there.  I use that channel to share images of live jazz that I go out to hear and hope to use it in other ways as well, but still learning how to do that.  You can find a revolving gallery of those images in the right panel of the site. 
  • RSS Feed. A number of you have put the feed for JazzRochester in a feed reader, such as Feedly. An RSS feed is published automatically in Atom 1.0 and RSS formats. It should be auto-discovered by your favorite feed reader.
  • Or just come back here from time to time... There are some I meet around Rochester who are long time readers, but say "I get your emails" and apparently have never been to the site itself to see all the other information to find here that don't show up in the other platforms you can consume our content through. I encourage you to visit us here anytime! The site should adjust to fit whatever device or screen size you're viewing it on. 

Here are some other notes on how we roll here at JazzRochester:

  • I'm not the "jazz police". I may occasionally list something that you may not think of as "jazz."  I try to pull in all diverse parts and communities of jazz in Rochester and try not to impose my own preferences on my readers. Including a particular musician or group in the listings may result in another source listing them in the "jazz" category when their music is actually something else. My site also serves as the WGMC Jazz 90.1 "Club Calendar", so occasionally there are some blues gigs listed because they traditionally also shared blues. Let me know if you think something is inappropriate for the listings as I know I sometimes get it wrong and haven't heard everyone I list.
  • More about Rochester jazz artists, groups and venues.  So you can find out more about local jazz artists or groups, or even listen to some of their music, I have a page with links to the websites of local jazz musicians and groups. Just click on the ROC Jazz Artists Sites link at the top of the site. I also link to venues that regularly present jazz in our area in the right panel.  Anyone or place missing?  Let me know.  
  • Are you a ROC area jazz artist or venue?  I am trying to reach out directly to local jazz musicians and venues that regularly present jazz through email lists. Mostly it is reminders for when to send in gig info so you don't miss my publishing dates.  You can find out more and sign up by clicking on the About link at the top of the blog and getting on my email list. 
  • Help us get the word out about JazzRochester by putting one of our T-shirts on your bod.  You can order one by clicking on the JazzRochester T-Shirts link at the top of the page.
  • Looking backward. JazzRochester can be searched by using search box in the right panel to find posts that include a particular artist or click on a category or monthly archive link in the right column to browse through posts. You can also use the categories to look back.  See what was playing in town as far back as 2006. 
  • Check out the About link at the top of the blog to learn more about JazzRochester and find the "legalities", like our privacy and comment policies.

Let me know about what works and doesn't work by sending a question via email through the "Contact Us" link above. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask... here, via email, on Twitter, on Facebook, by commenting on a post, or even if you see me at a gig. 

So subscribe, "like," or otherwise consume JazzRochester any way that works for you.  I won't judge... you do you. I'll just try to focus on getting more information about live jazz in Rochester and beyond out to our community here.  Share this post with those who you know who love getting out to hear live jazz.

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